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Interlude is Available Now On Amazon

One night.

That's all Julian Caine offered.

And heartbreak is my only souvenir.

The morning after the most unforgettable night of my life, 
I wake up minus the man and plus one note. With my head
held high, I'm determined to move on without the two
men who broke my heart.
My former  fiancĂ© who let me go easily without so much as a glance.
And the staggering, gorgeous Englishman who made me scream incoherent words ...

All. Night. Long.

When tragic circumstances bring Julian closer than ever, it comes with unyielding passion and a new proposal... but not the traditional kind, the no strings attached kind.

Tensions flare. Life-changing truths are revealed.  New sexual adventures are explored.

But the question remains, will we ever be more than ... more than this 

Praise for Interlude

"What a great ending to this duet! I absolutely loved the first book, Prelude. It was one of my favorite books of 2017. Interlude did not disappoint... The relationship between Julian and Lina was so intense and the music helped to portray that intensity... Music has a huge impact on people's lives. It can take you back to the best and worst times of your life. This book is an excellent illustration of this."

"This book is truly a phenomenal read! This book will take you on a roller coaster ride along with Lina. I really believe that everyone can relate to the feelings Lina experiences and those feelings are what make us the people we are. Your emotions will be all over the place, at least mine were. I laughed, I cried, I celebrated, and I loved."

"auden has blown me away once again with her beautiful writing. she has a way of pulling my heart strings. this story was remarkable and unforgettable. loved the characters much better in interlude than I did in prelude and I loved the heck out of that book."

"This book was fantastic and shear perfection. The story was perfectly written. The characters; both main and secondary, are so well written. The plot is full of secrets, lies, love, and angst... Such a fantastic read and the epilogue blew me away!"

"Interlude is a beautifully written, rollercoaster of emotions, HOT romance. Lina and Julian's relationship is captivating and they experience situations that parallel real-life. This story is one you do not want to miss; be prepared to feel love, sadness, anger, and then love again.