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Praise for Prelude

"This is a beautifully written story of a woman whose life has been shaped by death. This is definitely a character driven novel, filled with exceptional prose of LA, San Francisco, and New York. It is a journey of a woman who is struggling to escape the doldrums she has settled into. With an incredible music list as a backdrop to the scenes, I experienced the highs and lows as the heroine finds her solitary feet and begins to make a stand for herself... You're going to want to check out Ms. Dar and this incredible debut novel. It's simply beautiful."

"Amazing. Heartbreaking. Magnificent. Devastating. Beautiful. These are some of the best words to describe this book. This is by far one of my absolutely favorite reads of the year!"

"What is the most exciting thing for a blogger? I am indeed talking about finding new authors and their debut novels. So now I am especially happy to tell you about Auden Dar.
When you decide to read this book, you will find it is well written and deeply developed. I doubt you will notice that this is a debut as the plot is solid... I really like that the inner fight our female lead had felt real... Something makes me feel that this story so far really is the prelude and that there will be more coming. So we just have to sit and wait where the author takes us."

"One word: INTENSE! I couldn't put this down!"

"Prelude is a compelling story of a woman longing for romance and passion in her life. This story is full of lust, want and desire. Prelude is a feverish read I could not put down. Lina and Julian's chemistry steamed my pages, it sizzled and burned."

AC Squared Blog's Review of Prelude